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Almost 100 years later, another soldier will be laid to rest

Up until early 1917, there was a distinct possibility that the Allies, Britain, France, Canada and other Commonwealth countries might lose the war. Then  in April came the Canadian-led victory at Vimy Ridge, not hugely significant strategically in the overall »

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Honouring an Aboriginal Hero of WWII

Canada’s history is strangely not a subject that is really known in any depth by a large segment of the population. This is partly due to a lack of history teaching in education systems across Canada. Sadly, it is even »


Update on military imposter

It is a very rarely used law, mostly because there are so very few cases of the incident occurring. Nonetheless, a man who impersonated a soldier during Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa, has now been charged. Franck Gervais, a 32-year-old »