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Chinese ambitions in the Arctic not a threat to Canada: experts

China’s growing involvement and interest in the Arctic should not be seen as a cause for concern in Canada even if certain aspects of Chinese policy need much closer scrutiny, say Canadian experts. Dozens of academics, civilian and military government» 

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China signals it wants in on future decisions on the Arctic

This month China took what may be called an unusual step of releasing a public policy paper on the Arctic, and did so in English. Calling itself a “near Arctic state” it indicates China intends to take an important role» 

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Huge free trade penalty against Canada

(note: comment submission form is located at the bottom of each story on the site) It is another example of what those opposed to international trade deals have been saying about the ability of sovereign governments to enact domestic policy» 

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HISTORY- November 17, 1903: Sovereignty and order come to the high Arctic

The high Arctic can be a forbidding place, but just over 100 years ago, a tiny island in the Beaufort Sea was a busy place.  There was a large Inuit (Inuvialuit) presence, and added to that were regular visits by» 

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Greens reject trade deals’ ‘affront to democracy’

The leader of the Green Party wants Canada to reject international trade agreements that allow corporations to sue governments.  Elizabeth May says the so-called Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPAs) threaten democracy and infringe on sovereignty. Citizens protest the» 

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Canada and the Arctic: less talk, more action.

Fen Hampson is the co-author of several books, and articles on Canadian sovereignty, foreign policy, domestic  and international  security, trade and other geopolitical issues. His latest book is called Brave New Canada Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World. In» 


Election campaign begins in province of Quebec

Canada’s predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec is now officially in an election campaign, and election day is April 7. The premier of Canada’s second most populous province, Pauline Marois, made the announcement Wednesday morning (March 5). Elected 18 months ago»