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Canada History, Nov 13, 1981 Canada’s arm in space

In 1981 many of the world’s space scientists and engineers were watching what was going on in orbit around the Earth.  It was going to be a test of an incredibly innovative new space tool the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System. »

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Canadian company to help track satellites and ‘space junk’

If you counted all the satellites put into space since ‘Sputnik’ in 1957, you’d find that about half of them, roughly 5,000 are still up there speeding around the Earth in various trajectories and at various heights.  Added to this »

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Astronomy PhD Student at UBC discovers 17 new potential planets

An astronomy student completing her PhD research at the University of British Columbia has discovered 17 new planets according to research that was published in The Astronomical Journal last week. Michelle Kunimoto is working on her PhD in the Department »

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The LINK Online Feb 28,29; Mar 01, 2020

Your hosts today, Vincenzo, Terry, and Marc ( video of show at bottom) Canadian Space Agency invests in moon exploration The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is seeking to get more involved in exploration of the moon. To that end they’ve »

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Canada Space Agency to study solar winds in new international project

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will work for the first time with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on a new space science project: the Solar wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) mission. Both countries will work with the European Space Agency »

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Back to the moon, and beyond?

This week, many are celebrating and remembering a momentous event in human history, when man landed on the moon. U.S President Trump has said he’d like to see Americans back on the moon by 2024, and there’s talk of the »

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50th anniversary of an incredible space feat, and Canada’s role

Trip to the moon and back, July 1969 It was 50 years ago  (July 16) that a huge rocket carrying three exceptionally brave American astronauts blasted off from the Kennedy Space Centre on one of the most daring human endeavours »

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Canadian astronaut gives final press briefing before returning to Earth

After spending more than six months in space, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will return to Earth on Monday, June 24. As he is getting ready to leave, Saint-Jacques gave a final press briefing on Wednesday morning on the International Space »


‘Cold, dark and dangerous’ but the Arctic and space bring out the best in humanity: study

When faced with an existential threat, the humanity will rally together despite geopolitical rivalries and political tensions between superpowers. That’s the main lesson of a comparative study published in the journal Polar Record, by Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in »


Renowned authority on UFO’s dies

Stanton Friedman, dead at age 84 They’re called “ufologists” by some, these are people who study unidentified flying objects- or UFO’s. Stanton Friedman was among the best known authorities on “UFO’s” in the world, although he preferred to call them »