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NATO at 70: leaders meet in London today

Most alliances historically don’t last more than a couple of decades, but the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance is 70 this year, and has grown over that time to its now 29 members. Originally formed as a protection against the Soviets, »


Most Canadians regret their spending habits: poll

A survey by an investment firm found that 61 per cent of Canadians often look to their friends and wonder how they can afford their lifestyles. And it seems that looking at the purchases of other may influence people to »

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Many Canadian workers spend all of or more than their pay

An online survey has found that 47 per cent of working Canadians would find it difficult to meet their financial obligations if their pay cheque were delayed by one week. It’s worse among younger workers. Of those in their 40s, »

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With continued reductions in military spending, Canada faces NATO partners in May

Canada’s Prime Minister will be heading to Sicily in May for a meeting of the NATO allies. U.S. President Trump has made strong calls for NATO partners to fulfil their NATO defence spending obligations. Canada is among those falling behind. »


Canadians plan less holiday spending this year, but…

Christmas is a time when Canadians exchange gifts and this year they are planning to spend eight per cent less than they did last year. A survey by the major Canadian bank, CIBC, found people plan to spend an average »

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Double spending on ‘tragedy’ of homelessness, urge advocates

A new report suggests the Canadian government double planned spending on affordable housing to end a homeless “crisis.” The report released by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness says the kind of person who is »


Consumers plan to spend less this summer

Most Canadians take holidays in the summer months of July and August and many say that is when they are more likely to make unplanned and impulsive spending decisions on entertainment and fun. Summer vacation is a time when Canadians »

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Canada will not meet UN goal for foreign aid

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the Toronto Star that Canada will not meet the UN goal of spending 0.7 per cent of its GDP on foreign aid this year and likely not next year either. This came after Trudeau pledged »

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Nearly half of Canadians close to defaulting on bills

It’s a shocking finding but a poll last month found that nearly half of Canadians are within a mere 200 dollars of defaulting on bills and debt payments. It truly seems like a worrisome number of Canadians truly do live »


Cut debt, advises personal finance expert

Canadians are carrying “extremely high” levels of debt and a good New Year’s resolution would be to reduce it, says personal finance expert Jean Freed. The average debt-to-disposable income is 165 per cent, according to government statistics. That is, if »