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Hockey history (land and pond) for sale

Birthplace of hockey can be yours for C$1.38 million Canada is of course, hockey mad.  It’s been that way since, well, before Canada was a country, and it is all believed to have started on a large pond near Windsor» 

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Richest rugby contract ever: Star player comes to Canada

While the sport of rugby enjoys massive international media attention elsewhere around the world, that’s not really the case in North America That may change somewhat in Canada as the Toronto Wolfpack team has just signed star player Sonny Bill» 

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Rugby World Cup: Canada still struggling

The desire is there, the effort is there, the will to win is there, but Canada’s rugby team is being completely overwhelmed by the competition. After just barely squeaking into the World Cup competition, Canada was placed in a group» 

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Canada humbled at Rugby World Cup

In spite of their spirit and determination, Canada may not have been expected to do well at the international championship, especially as the Canadian team struggled to even make the event, squeaking into the last spot. After being clobbered by» 

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Canadian Olympic star hopes to compete with U.S team

Canada’s two-time gold medal bobsleigh winner, is planning now to try to join the U.S team. Calgary’s Kaillie Humphries, 34, won Olympic gold in 2010 and 2014 and bronze in 2018 in the women’s two-person bobsleigh. Last August she filed» 

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Oldest annual sports event in N. America tomorrow (maybe)

The oldest annual sports event on the continent will take place Wednesday in Canada’s Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador, (weather permitting). The Royal St. John’s Regatta is officially 201 years old, but is likely even older than that with» 

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NBA: Drake factor- music banned and Toronto loses game-1

There has been much made about Canadian rap star Drake and his alleged bad luck factor on teams and players he supports. Spotted wearing a particular team logo at a game, or being photographed with a player, whether hockey, soccer» 

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Francophone Games: Quebec bales out too

Canada is a federally bilingual, English and French country, with New Brunswick the only officially bilingual province. Quebec’s official language is French. All have been big supporters and participants in the Jeux de la Francophonie, a major international sports event,» 

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European football: The curse of Drake continues

Canadian rap star Drake is a big sports fan. As an international star, many sports teams and players like to have the added publicity of photos taken with him, or have him wear team merchandise like jerseys or caps. It» 

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The forgotten Olympic gold medallist, who in fact is Canadian

He’s someone whose history is somewhat stuck between two countries, the U.S. and Canada. He was a Canadian, but for many decades was claimed by the U.S. and thought to be American by most Canadians, if they thought of him»