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New rules to control aggressive hockey parents in Quebec

Hockey is unfortunately known almost as much for fights on the ice as for the quality of play. Sometimes however in minor hockey events, rude behaviour, offensive language, screaming, inciting players on the ice to fight, threatening referees and so» 

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New international sports body to empower athletes

CBC/BBC announce new group to give international-level athletes a strong voice A former top executive of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and a top Olympic cyclist are behind a new athlete-based international sports body. Called Global Athlete, the new body» 

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Canada’s top alpine skier abruptly retires

Eric Guay is arguably Canada’s best known skier on the international scene. A three time Olympian, twice World Champion, and 25 World cup podium finishes. Now aged 37, he became the oldest world champion when he won that title last» 


Sexual interference: efforts made to keep young athletes safe

National gymnastics coach Dave Brubaker pleaded not guilty today to multiple charges of sexual assault and sexual interference involving a young female athlete. Two other Canadian gymnastics coaches, Scott McFarlane and Michel Arsenault, also face charges of sexual assault. Rules» 


Hooray for (N American) Football… but whose?

The US and Canadian games are different, so which do Canadians prefer Lacrosse is the official Canadian summer sport, but most Canadians might be surprised to learn that. Soccer, perhaps “the” world sport is very slowly gaining popularity, but has» 

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Canadian wins International ‘Timbersports’ title

Toughest “lumberjack” championship It takes fantastic power stamina, and accuracy with deadly sharp axes, handsaws and chainsaws to win. The elite lumberjack competition is known as the Stihl Timbersports Championship. This year it was held in Marseille France on May» 

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Hockey- use the right words eh?

(commenting open on all RCI stories – scroll to bottom) Hockey is just, well, so Canadian. Sure the Russians, Czechs, Swedes, Germans, even Americans are pretty darn good internationally, and many do end up in the National Hockey League, but» 


Why do we watch sports?

The Olympics are almost at an end, and millions of people will have been watching on TVs around the world, in addition to those who made the effort to actually travel to the event. Playing sports is one thing, but» 

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A Canadian driver at the Daytona 500

Stock car racing is huge in the U.S. and arguably the biggest event of the season, is the Daytona 500, which attracts literally millions of fans and viewers each year. In 2006 the event listed 20 million television viewers D.J.» 

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Yukon Quest- man and dog against time and the Arctic cold

It is one of the world’s greatest annual endurance challenges for man and dog. The annual Yukon Quest dog sled race  is now roughly at the half-way point in the annual 1,600km race which stretches from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon»