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Challenge to spy agency collection of data on peaceful protest movement

A legal advocacy group, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) is crying foul. It has publicly released documents showing heavy censorship of Canada’s spy agency reports on the activities of peaceful protesters against a proposed pipeline project. They say »

William Gun Chong circa 1943. Photo presumably taken between missions when he was often dressed in worn clothes as a homeless peasant to avoid Japanese forces attention as he carried out his missions ( via Chinese Canadian Military Museum)

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Asian Heritage Month: Canadian secret agent and hero William Gun Chong

The unlikely Canadian undercover agent awarded the British Empire Medal Unlike the dapper spies of movies, an undercover agent has to be inconspicuous. Thus, Canadian Bill Chong, often dressed like a homeless peasant became one of the most successful of »

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The LINK Online, May 3, 4, 5, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude and Marc (video of show at bottom) Could this beluga be a trained spy? It’s a mystery. Norwegian fishermen discovered an unusually friendly lone beluga while out fishing. Beluga are relatively rare in the area, »

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Canada’s security law modified but still leaves serious concerns

It’s called Bill C-59. It is the Liberal government’s modifications to the previous Conservative government’s Bill (and subsequent law) C-51, but according to two advocacy groups, it also introduces a host of new issues and concerns. At the time many »

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China seeks another major Canadian purchase; Beware says expert

“The naivete, and short-sightedness of people always surprises” M Juneau Katsuya  China is to set to move into another large industrial area in Canada as it seeks to take over Canada’s largest publicly-traded construction company. This comes on the heels »

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Russian military aircraft to fly over Canada “observing”

A Russian military jet is to stop at Canada’s major military air base in Trenton Ontario this week. It will then conduct a surveillance flight over Canada this weekend. It’s an annual event as various NATO countries and Russia allow »

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Canada History: Jan 24, 1978 Soviet radiation across the Arctic

On September 18, 1977, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (CCCP) launched a reconnaissance satellite dubbed Cosmos-954. In Russian it was a “Controlled Active Satellite” while the Americans knew it as a “RORSAT”- radar ocean reconnaissance satellite.  Its purpose was »

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History: December 6, 1941 – War, spies, even James Bond

The small isolated farm in southern Ontario was the perfect spot. On December 6, 1941, it was declared ready. It had everything that was needed; lots of room far away from any neighbours and curious eyes and ears, the lake »

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Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada

A new survey of some 129 writers and journalists in Canada showed many were concerned about government, police, and corporate surveillance of their work and habits. Many said that changed what they wrote and how they did research, in other »


Action demanded over police spying on journalists

The Montreal Gazette is demanding to know whether police have spied on its journalists as they have on seven others. And a senator who is himself a former journalist wants to table legislation to protect journalists from such spying and »