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Canada Post honours 75th anniversary of VE Day

The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled virtually all of the public commemorative celebrations that had been scheduled to mark this year’s major milestone of the end of WWII in Europe. In Canada efforts are being made to remember May 8. Victory »

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Can you bear it? New Canadian stamps

Bears are big, powerful, and for some, scary, but there’s no denying their captivating wilderness mystique which has fascinated us since humans and bears first made contact. Canada Post has sought to capture some of that in new series of »


New stamps are pretty but more expensive

Canada Post has issued a new set of stamps featuring spectacular scenes from different parts of the country at the same time as the cost of  mailing a letter increases. The issue is the second set of stamps in the »

On Monday Canada Post revealed the first in a series of five new stamps honouring first responders in this country, The first stamp honours paramedics. (Canada Post)

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Philately: Canada Post honours first responders

Canada’s postal service has issued the first of a series of five stamps which will honour first responders. This new series will honour paramedics, the Canadian Forces, police, search and rescue personnel, and firefighters. The first stamp in the series, »

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Weather wonders featured on Canadian postage stamps

Canadians love to talk about the weather and their preoccupation is reflected in the post office decision to issue a set of stamps that follow up on the wildly popular weather-themed stamps issued in 2015. The Canadian government’s senior climatologist, »

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Sharks of Canada featured on postage stamps

Many Canadians don’t realize it, but there are more than 30 species of sharks swimming in the waters off Canada and now, the postal service has issued stamps featuring five of them. Sharks from each of Canada’s three coasts Who »

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Black History Month 2018 : Canada creates new stamps

February each year marks the celebration of Black History Month in Canada, and although we’re still a week away from the official start, Canada Post has already begun to set the stage. This year, as they have in past years. »

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Canada and France joint stamp issue for Vimy 100

Special commemorative issue by both countries It was in the early dawn of April 9 ,1917. At the signal, tens of thousands of Canadians clambered out of muddy trenches and began a march through snow and freezing drizzle across no »

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Canada Post honours music legends

With legendary Canadian rock band Rush, just inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, Canada Post announced the coming release of stamps which feature the band. One of four to be released to the public in July, the Rush stamp »