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New figures show Canada’s job numbers went up in May

How good the news actually is — and how long it lasts — remains to be seen, but new data from Statistics Canada will likely be a sight for a few sore eyes. After more than a million Canadians lost »

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Canada’s economy takes its biggest dip since the 2009 financial crisis

New data from Statistics Canada shows Canada’s economy suffered its sharpest quarterly drop since the 2009 financial crisis in the first three months of this year. Gross domestic product dropped at an annualized 8.2 per cent. Economists had anticipated a »

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Retail sales in March set a record nobody wants

The numbers are in from just the first two weeks of Canada’s COVID-19 lockdown and they’re ugly. Statistics Canada reported Friday that retail sales fell 10 per cent to $47.1 billion in March, as non-essential businesses began shutting their doors »

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Canada’s inflation rate turned negative in April for first time since 2009

The annual inflation rate in Canada dipped into negative territory in April as the economy came to a halt in the first full month of the pandemic, the national statistics agency reported Wednesday. Statistics Canada said the consumer price index »

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Canada lost nearly 2 million jobs in April amid pandemic: Statistics Canada

Canada’s economy lost nearly two million jobs in April as the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily shut down entire non-essential industries, the country’s national statistics agency reported Friday. The loss of 1,993,800 jobs in April came on top of more than one »

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As expected, Canada’s trade deficit widens as pandemic grows 

To nobody’s surprise, Canada’s trade deficit widened in March as the country was forced to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and the continuing drop in world oil prices. Statistics Canada figures released today show the deficit grew by more than »

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Over half of all businesses see revenue drop by 20% or more due to COVID-19

More than half of Canadian companies have lost at least 20 per cent of their revenue because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new survey by the national statistics agency. The survey of 12,600 Canadian companies conducted by Statistics »

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Coping with COVID: stress and anxiety rule 

Anybody out there remember what you were most concerned about a year ago? Or what might be tickling your fancy? Anybody remember if your stress level was especially high back then? Thought so. Things sure have changed, eh? Anxiety rules. »

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COVID-19 economic fallout: Canadians continue battle to hold their ground

As millions of Canadians formed virtual lines to apply for government benefits through much of last week, a handful of politicians gathered on Parliament Hill Saturday in an emergency sitting to deliver a giant subsidy package for Canadian businesses, designed »


Vaping prevalent among young Canadians

According to new data released earlier this week from Statistics Canada, vaping is more prevalent among younger Canadians. Survey results said that in 2019 15 per cent of teenagers aged 15 to 19 reported that they had vaped 30 days »