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COVID-19 in Canada is ‘under manageable control,’ says top doctor

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is “under manageable control,” but warns Canadians to not let down their guard as the virus is still circulating in the country. There have been »

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Movie attendance in Quebec declined in the last year

Movie theatre attendance in Quebec has gone down for a second year in a row according to results released last week from the Film Screening Survey. Based on preliminary data, movie theatres accepted 18.8 million spectators in 2019, about 300,000, »

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BHM: A socioeconomic portrait of Blacks in Canada

Canada’s official statistics gathering agency, Statistics Canada has just Released two studies on blacks in Canada as part of Black History Month. One deals with diversity of the black population in Canada, while the other looks at education, labour, and »

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Statistics Canada launches new Education Statistics Portal

Statistics Canada, the government agency that produces statistics to help better understand Canada, has released a new Education Statistics Portal to help people easily understand all aspects of the education system. The new portal will allow users to access data »


Police-reported crimes rose in 2018, but homicides decreased, report

The annual report from Statistics Canada on police-reported crime in 2018 came out today and it shows an increase for the fourth consecutive year, but other crimes are, on the contrary, on the decline. Police-reported crime is measured by both »

Immigration & Refugees

Asylum claims tripled over two years

The number of people who requested refugee status in Canada more than tripled from 2015 to 2017, according to figures analysed by the government. The number rose from 16,058 to 50,389. But the pace of growth slowed with 55,023 asylum »

Immigration & Refugees

A look at the first Syrian refugees that arrived in Canada

The government has issued statistics that provide a snapshot of the first 25,000 Syrian refugees to be resettled in Canada. Families were prioritized, while young adults with no children were less likely to be chosen for resettlement. So, 85 per »


Unemployment stays at 43-year low in Canada

Canada’s jobless rate stayed at 5.6 per cent in December 2018, staying at its lowest level since the government started collecting data on this in 1976. Manufacturing lead job growth in 2018 The economy added 9,300 net new jobs in »

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Statistics Canada pauses data collection on citizens finances over privacy concerns

Statistics Canada is the federal agency responsible for collecting statistics on all aspects of Canadian life. When it was learned the agency was beginning to collect personal banking information on 500,000 citizens, there was an outcry over invasion of privacy. »

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Statistics Canada seeking Canadian’s personal financial data

Privacy concerns An effort by Canada’s official statistics gathering agency to obtain personal financial information of some 500-thousand Canadians has attracted the attention of the federal privacy commissioner. The pilot project by Statistics Canada also has opposition politicians in the »