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Doctor urges vaccination priority for people with obesity

Recognizing that people with obesity are at greater risk of severe complications from COVID-19 infection, several Canadian provinces have prioritized them for vaccination. But a Canadian doctor worries that stigma and fat-shaming may prevent some people from getting the vaccine. »


New obesity guidelines based in treating root causes instead of weight loss

New guidelines for treating obesity in Canada are centered around identifying personal drivers of obesity, setting realistic goals, and maintaining healthy behaviours over the long term. The Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) were developed by Obesity Canada and »

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People unfamiliar, uncomfortable with schizophrenia: poll

A new public opinion poll suggests that people living in the province of Ontario don’t understand schizophrenia and the people who live with this serious mental disorder. The poll by Ipsos found that 57 per cent of respondents mistakenly believe »


Diabetes stigma may lead to emergencies among teens: study

It’s hard enough coping with adolescence, but add in the challenges of coping with type 1 diabetes and teens can sometimes neglect their treatment and come close to suffering dangerous health crises. This is the finding from a recent study »

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Mental health stigma eased at youth events

It was the suicide of a best friend three years ago that prompted Loizza Aquino to start organizing events for young people to talk about mental health issues. She was just 15 at the time and his death was one »


Chinese and South Asian mental health patients experience greater illness severity

Mentally ill Chinese and South Asian patients in Ontario experience much more severe symptoms by the time they get to hospital than patients from other groups, according to a new study that looked at association between illness severity and cultural background. The »

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Palliative care has a bad name, study found

The stigma associated with the name “palliative care” is preventing people from getting early access to supportive care that would improve their quality of life, says new research from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. They conclude the service »