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Cleanup after ‘monster’ storm ravages southern Alberta

Things were looking fairly good this season for farmers across a large area of southern Alberta, Then came the weekend. A ‘monster’ hail storm, with some funnel clouds seen, tore across the prairie province destroying crops, many of them entirely. »

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Massive highway pile up leaves 2 dead, dozens injured

In the early afternoon near Montreal, a massive pile-up occurred on a major highway just south of the city. Some 100 vehicles crashed with most smashed violently into a mess of mangled metal along a one kilometre stretch. Some 90 »

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Newfoundland blizzard clean-up after record breaking storm

Today St John’s Newfoundland is digging out from a record breaking blizzard that saw 76 cm of snow whipped over the city by winds sometimes exceeding 100 km an hour. During the storm, city workers and snowploughs were ordered off »

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Building for change in the face of climate change

It was among the most violent storms recorded. Hurricane Dorian slowly smashed its way across the Bahamas and later to the U.S east coast and Canada’s maritime provinces. The incredible winds and massive rain and storm surges, caused total and »

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Hurricane Dorian ravages Canada’s maritime provinces

After causing mass destruction, and at least 40 deaths as it roared through the Bahamas, Dorian moved up the U.S east coast to hit Canada’s maritime provinces. Although it had lost some of its strength, Dorian hit Nova Scotia on »

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Big winter storm to paralyse much of central Canada

Mass closures announced It’s being billed as the biggest winter storm this season. Predictions of a major snowfall this afternoon and evening combined with high winds has resulted in winter storm warnings across much of southern Ontario and Quebec Most »

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Powerful storm ravages Canada’s west coast

High winds pounded the southwestern part of the province of British Columbia yesterday downing huge trees, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity, and disrupting air and ferry services. The water treatment plant is not functioning in Nanaimo on »


CN tower reopens after ice storm hit Toronto

A nasty storm recently battered the city of Toronto with rain, freezing rain and strong winds forcing the closure of the landmark CN Tower On April 16th, 2018. Chunks of ice were falling on downtown streets and buildings from its »


Nasty weather causes accidents, power failures

A mix of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, rain and strong winds wreaked havoc on southern Ontario yesterday and moved on to southern Quebec overnights. Tens of thousands of people in both provinces suffered a loss of electricity as parts »

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Climate change causing severe weather events, says Insurance Bureau

An Insurance Bureau of Canada news release says “climate change is causing severe weather events, especially storms involving floods, to happen more frequently and with greater intensity.” It cites two significant storm and flooding events that occurred around the area »