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Canada’s southernmost community slowly washing away

The small community on Pelee Island in the middle of Lake Erie, is home to a variety of wildlife, homes, and cottages. It’s under threat of slow erosion. In 1972, a storm that swept across the lake, washed away five »

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Another western storm follows ‘most destructive’

The western province of British Columbia is being hammered by another major storm hard on the heels of a storm called the most destructive in the history of the electrical utility, BC Hydro. Climate change cited The utility issued a »

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Severe storms incite insurers to warn homeowners

Insurance companies are paying out so much money for damage caused by climate-change-related storms that they are asking homeowners to take precautions. They suggest people make sure their roofs are in good condition and that they maintain their properties on »


Heavy snow hobbles southern British Columbia

Regions of the western province of British Columbia are struggling under unusually heavy snowfalls. Coastal areas usually enjoy temperate weather with rain in the winter falling more often than snow. Recently however, heavy snow has fallen on Vancouver Island as »


Snow storms hit and it’s not even winter yet

It’s not officially winter yet, but as usual, snow has already hammered parts of Canada. A snowstorm forced the closure of some schools and businesses in the eastern province of New Brunswick and buses were pulled off the road in »

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History: Nov 10, (1913, 1975) the deadly Great Lakes gales

That good ship and crew was a bone to be chewed                                                           »

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Rains cause havoc in Saskatchewan

The weather continues to play rough across Canada this year. After massive forest fires in Alberta made world headlines  this year, now comes a massive rain storm that swept across the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan in the past few days. »

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Strong El Nino may bring ice storms

Eastern Canadians may be disheartened to learn that a very strong El Nino cycle may bring a warmer winter, and could also set the stage for nasty ice storms like that of 1998. The cycle is driven by warm water »

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Flooding emergencies across the prairies

In Canada’s western prairie provinces, flooding from torrential rains over the weeked have resulted in dozens of states of emergency being declared. High winds in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, area toppled trees or branches on the weekend causing widespread damage. Manitoba »