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Violence strands Canadians in Haiti

Several Canadian tourists and three medical volunteers have been unable to leave Haiti because of ongoing street violence. The medical professionals report they had a gasoline bomb thrown at their vehicle but they were able to drive away. According to the »

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Stranded seals move into Newfoundland town

A small town in northern Newfoundland has a problem. Seals are flopping through town. Residents of Roddickton spotted seals in the areas late last year, but recently the seals have been making their way into the town, sometimes along the »

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Canadian town stranded by weather and an American-owned railway

The Arctic town and port of Churchill  in northern Manitoba is remote. There are no roads to get there and only a single rail line running from the port, some 900 km south to the town of The Pas where »


Outrage that stranded motorists waited 13 hours for rescue

We told you about the big storm that hit Montreal Wednesday and Thursday and that 300 motorists were stranded on a highway, but today we learned that some were in their cars for 12 or 13 hours before being rescued. »