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China’s effort to buy an Arctic gold mine raises many concerns

China’s huge Shandong Gold Mining Corporation is proposing to buy Canada’s TMAC resources mine in the Arctic. Currently under review by the federal government, the $207.4 million dollar offer raises concerns not only  over China’s increasing control over the precious »

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Foreign ‘predators’: Canada moves to protect COVID-19 weakened businesses

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread business closures and reductions in the economy, many corporations around the world have seen their stock values in steep decline.  Many are facing bankrupticies. This means they are ripe for takeover by investors who »

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China signals it wants in on future decisions on the Arctic

This month China took what may be called an unusual step of releasing a public policy paper on the Arctic, and did so in English. Calling itself a “near Arctic state” it indicates China intends to take an important role »

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The growing world strategic influence of China

China has just acquired Krauss-Maffei a major German machinery maker. Krauss-Maffei is one of many multi-national industrial firms now owned by China which has been quietly acquiring a variety of assets around the world. Some experts are concerned. Michel Juneau-Katsuya »