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Forest therapy: a relaxing break from urban stress

We’ve heard of therapy dogs and other pets,  horse therapy, and other methods to help people cope with stress, but now a perhaps ancient therapy is coming into its own.  It’s called ‘forest therapy’. Carolynne Crawley, is a trainer and forest» 


More than 9 in 10 Canadian workers feel burned out: study

An online survey of Canadian managers and workers has found that the overwhelming majority of respondents reported experiencing some degree of burnout as a result of unmanageable workloads or constant interruptions. The results of the survey released by staffing and» 

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Technology use in research of endangered right whales

Even as rescuers attempt to free three right whales tangled in fishing gear, scientists are continuing research into better understanding the whales and how man’s activities and noise may affect them. Barry Wright (PhD) a visiting research fellow with the» 

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Men: working themselves to death (interview)

Stress, lifestyle unhealthy results It’s a fact. Men, on average, die sooner than women and its often  because they’re working themselves to death. The Japanese have a word for it, karoshi. Along with increased stress levels, come a number of» 

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Owner’s long-term stress mirrored in pet dogs: study

A Swedish study suggests that people who undergo long periods of stress may transfer it to their pet dogs. Researchers examined stress hormones and found their levels to be synchronized between owners and their dogs and that this could not» 


Parents feeling anxious, overwhelmed, get advice

There are parents in Canada who feel anxious, guilty and overwhelmed and a new book aims to relieve that. “(Parents are) are looking ahead and wondering what is this world going to be like when my child gets to be» 

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Canadians and their heavy debt load

A recent national survey indicated that nearly a majority of Canadians were concerned about their ability to repay debts with a third saying they didn’t earn enough to cover debts and obligations. On the heels of that survey, just a» 


Little counselling available for the stress of infertility

It is estimated that between 11 and 15 per cent of Canadians are unable to conceive a child. That can cause enormous stress for some of the half-million couples affected. Many different emotions surface and they may come at different» 


Debt affecting relationships, mental health

Two in 10 Canadians who are married or living together confess their significant other does not know how much debt they are in, according to a new survey. The public opinion poll commissioned by Manulife Bank found that 12 per» 


Debt making Canadians feel ‘financially blue’: poll

More than half of Canadians are feeling blue about their finances, according to a national survey conducted for a charity and a financial planning standards body. It revealed that 21 per cent of Canadians spent too much during the recent»