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New hope for improved recovery from stroke

Canadian research and development of a new drug has shown great potential to help patients in their recovery from stroke by reducing brain cell damage. Dr. Michael D Hill (MD  MSc, FRCPC) is a professor of Neurology at the University »


Heart conditions, stroke, dementia are linked, finds study

A new report has found that people who have one vascular condition are at a significantly higher risk of developing another, including a brain-related condition and possibly dementia. The report from the non-profit, Heart & Stroke, found much deeper connections »

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Heart disease and stroke cutting women’s lives short: campaign

‘Time for women to stop dying unnecessarily’ Heart disease and stroke claim the life of a woman in Canada every 17 minutes and “sex and gender blinders have caused too many women’s lives to be cut short,” according to the »

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Canadian stroke victims at higher risk of dying in rural hospitals

Canadians living in rural areas are at a significantly higher risk of dying if they suffer a stroke and are treated in a local hospital as opposed to those who get treated in larger urban hospitals, according to a new »


Salt reduction was only modest with voluntary targets: Health Canada

The Canadian government’s health department has found that voluntary sodium reduction targets set in 2012 have had “modest” results in cutting the salt content of processed foods and that “additional measures are needed.” It had set reduction targets for 94 »

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Unhealthy food consumption increases dramatically in Canada: study

Almost half the foods Canadians eat are highly processed products that are poor in nutrition and increase health risks, according to new research commissioned by Heart & Stroke Canada. Even worse, children between the ages of nine and 13 are »

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Stroke survivor’s risk lasts longer than was thought: study

People who survive a stroke or mini-stroke in Canada are usually followed for about 90 days but new research suggests they are at elevated risk for at least five years. Ron Lacombe may have had mini-strokes before he had a full »

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Uneven help for stroke victims: report

The latest report from Heart & Stroke Foundation found “extensive gaps in recovery support and services for Canadians who experience stroke at any age.” Every year, about 62,000 Canadians of all ages suffer this sudden stop of blood flow to »

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New technique for stroke shows ‘fantastic’ results

After concluding studies with researchers around the world, specialists have been rolling out a new technique for treating ischemic strokes with dramatic results. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in Canada and the third leading cause of death. The »

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Didn’t realize you had a stroke, greater risk of dementia?

Many Canadians may not realize they have had a stroke and are at greater risk of developing dementia, warns a Heart and Stroke Foundation report. Having had a stroke more than doubles the risk of getting dementia and the foundation »