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Trudeau launches federal pandemic service grant program for student volunteers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday the launch of a new student grant program, which will provide up to $5,000 in one-time payments to post-secondary students and recent graduates for volunteering in pandemic-related programs, depending on the number of hours »

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Malaria progress has stalled, Canadian children offer help

There have been major gains in the fight against malaria over recent years, but now progress has stalled and the World Health Organization is calling for urgent action. Globally, more than 400,000 people die each year from the mosquito-borne disease, »

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Students say tuition discriminates, fuels family debt

The Canadian Federation of Students says that government underfunding of post-secondary education is fueling the crisis of household debt in Canada. Canadian families have debts that average 171 per cent of their disposable income and amount to more than the »


Honours student expelled over pocket knife

Shawn Soucy is 16 and attends an English language high school in Quebec. That it, he attended the school, but the honour-roll student was expelled in the middle of the year because  a pocket knife was found in his backpack. »

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Montreal, Toronto ranked good cities for students

Montreal is the best city in Canada for students and seventh best in the world, according to a ranking by the website QS. Toronto is the next Canadian city ranking 13th in the world. Vancouver is 14th. Montreal has ‘distinctly »


Students want debt, jobs to be an election issue

Canadian students are “drowning” under huge debt, often not getting the jobs they need to pay back loans after they graduate, and campaigning politicians are not addressing the issue, says Bilan Arte, national chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. »

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Students return to colleges in Quebec

College campuses across the province of Quebec were filled with students today.  Nearly 100,000 new and returning students attended the first day of classes in the Montreal region alone.  The 15 public colleges and 5 private CEGEP’s, in the province’s »

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Commission on 2012 student protests faces some scepticism

A provincial commission to look into the student protests in the Canadian province of Quebec last year faced sceptical questioning as it updated journalists Friday (August 30) on the progress of its inquiry. Serge Menard, a lawyer and former Quebec »