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Climate strikes: Canadian school boards and colleges to let students protest

Like Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old global star in the fight against climate change, many Canadian students will take to the streets on Friday, September 27 to participate in climate events and some school boards across the country are even helping» 

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Nova Scotia becomes 2nd province to offer free menstrual products in schools

Nova Scotia public schools will now offer free menstrual products to all their students, joining a growing list of places that have already adopted the idea. The province’s 367 schools that host students from grades four to twelve are now» 


Canadian universities seek to protect Chinese enrolment

Given the current political tensions between Canada and China, Canadian universities have discussed the enrolment of Chinese students with Canadian government officials and the Chinese embassy. They have also moved to diversify international student enrolment which has become an important» 


Students protest unpaid internships

Tens of thousands of students in the province of Quebec have marched  this week to protest the requirement that they intern for a brief period without pay as part of their school program. The unpaid internships are designed to give» 

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Crisis text line offers help to stressed students

University of Guelph students in the province of Ontario now have a new way to access mental health support through a 24-hour texting service. Increased reports of depression, anxiety among students A survey of students conducted in Ontario in 2016» 

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University decreases tuition for international PhDs

The University of Toronto has announced that starting this September most international doctoral students will pay tuition fees equivalent to those of Canadian students. Annual tuition for international PhD students used to be about $23,000. The domestic rate is about» 


Why video of students was live streamed

Inadequate passwords and insufficient technical controls led to videos of school children being live streamed on the internet, reports a privacy commissioner in eastern Canada.  Catherine Tully is mandated by the government of the province of Nova Scotia to apply» 


Children eating poorly at school, study finds

A new study suggests Canadian children are not eating enough good food at school to meet their dietary requirement of vitamins and minerals. Researchers at the University of British Columbia also found that during school hours, students were eating less nutritious foods» 

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Canadian universities act on Trump travel ban

Canadian universities are opening their doors to students and academics struggling with uncertainty over U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel and immigration order. While the order temporarily barring people from Muslim countries has been suspended by the courts, the legal battle will» 

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Scientists test the value of exercise at school

New research from the Netherlands adds to the evidence that exercise is good for learning and Canadian scientists are testing that in their own way. The Dutch study tested 500 young students who exercised while they studied math and other»