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Sex, age and estrogens may affect who gets COVID-19

When researchers at York University in Toronto first looked at statistics up to July 27, 2020 they found that women were more likely to get COVID-19. But when they eliminated data from those who worked high risk areas like  health »


Quiet but worrisome change in Canadian agriculture

There’s an important trend that’s taking place in Canada’s farming sector in the Canadian prairies. A new study has found that a relatively small number of operations control the larger part of farmland in each of the prairie provinces. Alberta, »

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Urgent, alcohol-related hospital visits predict death risk: study

People who go to a hospital emergency department (ED) because of alcohol use have a greater risk of death, according to a study done in the Canadian province of Ontario. And the more times they go for this reason, the »

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More young people drowning as warming temperatures thin lake ice

Canadian researchers say that as winters become milder and lake ice less stable, more children and young adults are falling through the ice and drowning. Researchers submitted statistics to support their findings from several countries including Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, »


Climate is changing Arctic wildlife habits; unique international study

In recent years many studies have noted changes in Arctic climate, said to be one of the fastest warming areas on the planet. An important new -longterm- collaborative study of wildlife in the world’s circumpolar Arctic and sub-Arctic boreal regions »

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Pandemic complicates coping with eating disorders

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult in many ways but it poses several unique challenges for those battling eating disorders. Myriad restrictions and mixed messaging can make it hard for people to manage their recovery and access treatment, according »


Study: Unwanted sexual, discriminatory behaviour at Canada’s military colleges

A report by the federal agency Statistics Canada looked at the situation in Canada’s two military colleges in 2019 regarding sex assault, unwanted sexualized behaviour and discriminatory behaviour. It found a relatively high percentage of usually minor but nonetheless offensive »

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Canadian businesses embrace telework to cope with COVID-19: study

The majority of Canadian businesses are considering telework as one the main strategies for coping with the disruptions brought by the pandemic, according to a new survey by the Business Development Bank. The study, released by the BDC on Wednesday, »


Less than 250 people carried COVID-19 in Quebec in the spring : Study

As few as 247 people could have carried COVID-19 into Quebec during the spring, according to a genome sequencing study published by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) and the McGill Genome Centre.  The study looked at »

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Study hints further that cannabis and pregnancy not good

Science has long shown that drinking alcohol or smoking during pregnancy have negative outcomes on the foetus and the child’s later development. Now, perhaps not surprisingly, a new study shows a possible link between cannabis use while pregnant and a »