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Iconic symbol to Ontario mining to disappear

Sudbury and surrounding area in northern Ontario, was built around mining in the hard rock of the Canadian shield geographical feature. Known for its giant ‘nickel’ five cent coin, symbolising nickel mining, the other landmark is a truly gigantic smokestack »

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Canadian Blood Services will expand, opening new plasma donation centres

Canadian Blood Services is opening three new plasma donation centres to ensure that the country’s blood supplies do not dwindle. Canada uses more human plasma products than any other country in the world after the U.S.. Most of it is »


EZERyder makes learning to skate easier

EZERyder is the invention of a northern Ontario mother who watched the difficulty her youngest son was having learning to skate. After 15 minutes of falling the toddler was frustrated and finished. But skating is one of those pass-times or »

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International Mine Rescue Competition: update

It was, as always, an exciting time for the over two-dozen international teams who came from around the world to compete in the “olympics” of mine rescue. Some 27 teams from 13 nations came to Sudbury, Ontario for the competition. »

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Canadian invention: solar panels obsolete?

Solar panels have become the hot new “green” idea in the past many years.  However, even as they undergo  continuous development they may already be on the way to becoming obsolete. Typical solar panels operate at around 15 percent efficiency. »

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Vale’s toxic leak in Sudbury contained

Vale‘s smelter complex in Sudbury, Ontario sounded the alarms this morning when nitrogen dioxide was released from its Copper Cliff facility. Many people woke to the alarms and sirens they know well from test-runs, but this morning the situation was »