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Suicide risk greater among veterans: study

Canadians who have served in the military are at greater risk of intentionally ending their lives than are those who have not, according to data collected by the government. The facts from over 37 years were analysed to help the »


School to review policy on bullying following teen death

A school in Quebec has plans to review its policy on bullying following the death of one of its students last week, reports CBC. Simon Dufour, 15, is thought to have intentionally placed himself in front of an on-coming train »

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A children’s charter planned to stem poverty, abuse, suicide

‘An urgent need for action’ More than 30 young people from all over Canada will gather in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, next week to draft a Canadian children’s charter. “The idea of a children’s charter really came about because many »

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Study finds suicide barrier worked

Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have found that a barrier installed to prevent suicide on a Toronto bridge worked over the long term. The Bloor Street Viaduct was the second most-often bridge used for suicide after the Golden Gate »

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Netflix series on teen suicide raises concerns

Parents and mental health advocates are expressing concern over a popular new Netflix series about a teenaged girl who kills herself leaving behind tapes explaining why she did it. The series contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, self-harm, and the »

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Canada history: Feb 6, 2015 Supreme Court historic ruling on assisted suicide

It was, and remains, a controversial fight, and decision. In a landmark and unamimous ruling on this date, February 6, 2015, Canada’s highest court released its decision on the issue of assisted suicide. The court did not decide that assisted »

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Suicidal thoughts, depression stalk youth

Canada may be a wealthy country, but there appear to be alarming rates of depression and suicidal thoughts among its youth. Two new surveys have emerged. One by Kids Help Phone found that one in five teenagers 13-18 years old seriously »

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Indigenous mental health funding sends important signal says Canadian Inuit leader

Canada’s national Inuit organization says the indigenous mental health funding announced this week is important not only for the resources it will provide, but also because of the signal  the federal government is sending about its relationship with Inuit. “In the past, government has been »

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History: Apr 4, 1957, “Murder by Slander”

Early in the working day on April 4, 1957,  Egerton Herbert Norton, the Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, told his wife he was going for a walk. He proceeded from his residence several blocks to a tall building in Cairo which »

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Study links concussions with higher suicide risk

People who have had a concussion have a three times greater risk for suicide, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. If their concussion occurs on a weekend, the risk is four times higher than the »