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Overuse of antibiotics in animals seen as dangerous to public health

Bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics through their overuse on farms and the resulting superbugs are getting into the human food chain and the environment.  About 700,000 people people around the world die every year from infections that cannot »

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Your hosts, Terry and Marc Canada welcomes genocide lawsuit against Myanmar, says Freeland Gambia has launched a lawsuit against Myanmar (formerly Burma) claiming that state has committed genocide against their Rohingya minority. In Canada, a unanimous vote in the House »

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‘Superbugs’ could kill hundreds of thousands, cost billions in just 30 years

A dire report from Canadian medical, veterinary and economic experts begins with the words, ”Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now recognized as a global threat that if not addressed will have a devastating impact on the health and welfare of the »

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Superbug infections drop at super hospital

The number of anti-biotic resistant infections has dropped dramatically at the super hospital of the McGill University Health Centre, reports The Gazette newspaper. The new facility replaced several older hospitals in Montreal and was initially plagued with sewer back-ups, difficult-to-open »

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Ancient mud from Canada: New tool to combat “superbugs”?

It seems for thousands of years, an aboriginal group on Canada’s west coast has been using a huge mud pit for medicinal purposes. A company has been formed to market the mud known as Kisameet Clay. Company officials  asked researchers »

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Needed: Action now on antibiotics and “superbugs”

Canada’s Auditor-General released a report this week on how well Canada is doing in terms of dealing with the increasingly worrisome phenomenon of drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs”. In this 2009 photo, the yellow dots are colonies of bacteria from tap »