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Health, Politics

Canada prepares for mass COVID-19 vaccinations

Canada orders millions of syringes There is an international rush, competition almost, as hundreds of labs around the world seek to develop a vaccine against the SARS-CoV2 virus. The World Health organisation says some 133 potential vaccines are in development »


Stores across Canada running low on supplies amid fears of coronavirus

Across Canada supplies like hand sanitizer and masks are running low as Canadians stock up on supplies due to the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. As of publishing this story, Canada has 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 20 being »

Indigenous, Society

Fire in remote Iqaluit raises concerns about supplies

The mayor and residents of the arctic community of Iqaluit are concerned about having enough supplies after fire broke out in the main grocery and general retailer late on Nov. 7, 2018. Most perishable food is brought into the town »


Back to school shopping: Costs increasing every year

Latest figures show a doubling in expense In 2016, surveys showed that sending a child to school cost parents about $450 for each child. Figures for 2017 showed that amount had almost doubled to about $880. The 2017 survey was »


Aleppo’s families face ‘a catastrophic situation’: UN

The UN and relief agencies renewed pleas for a “humanitarian pause” in the Syrian city of Aleppo where running water and electricity have been cut off and food and medicine are running dangerously low. ‘Using human lives as bargaining chips’ »