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Move to clean energy to cause huge job losses in Canada

As many as 450,000 oil and gas workers could be displaced by 2050 as Canada transitions to clean energy, according to new research. The TD Economics think tank is urging policy makers to take three steps to support those workers »

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Help for audiovisual productions dealing with COVID-19

The government of Canada is extending and increasing compensation to audiovisual companies that have had to halt production because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another $50 million has been added to a fund launched towards the end of 2020 to support »

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Pipeline project clears one hurdle, but divides Canadians

The ever controversial Trans-Mountain Pipeline project passed another legal hurdle at the Supreme Court of Canada, but faces another in the seemingly growing opposition in the court of public opinion according the latest public opinion survey. When stiff public opposition »


Rosacea patients get online support from company

People who live with the inflammatory skin disease called rosacea are being offered a new online tool to help them get good medical help. Rosacea’s symptoms include facial flushing, redness and spots. Research suggests rosacea has a significant impact on »

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Ottawa releases first national dementia strategy

Canada’s Minister of Health announced the release of the first national dementia strategy on Monday. It focuses on prevention, advancing therapies and finding a cure, as well as improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers. »


Canadians unprepared to support aging parents: online survey

A large proportion of Canada’s population is getting old and an online survey suggests their children are not clear on the tools available to them to alleviate the financial burden of caring for them. Of those living with a parent, »

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Doctors advised to help parents of very young children

Crying, sleep and difficult behaviours may be very challenging for the parents of young children and the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) is calling on doctors to help. It has issued a statement urging doctors to ask parents open-ended questions to »

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Support for survivors of gender-based violence announced

Just ahead of International Women’s Day, the Canadian government has announced several projects to support people who have survived gender-based violence. The YWCA in Montreal will receive $850,000 to improve services to newly-arrived immigrant women survivors. Project activities will help »

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Most parents subsidize their adult children: survey

A public opinion poll suggests 96 per cent of parents in Canada have given some form of financial support to their children between the ages of 18 and 35. Almost half of parents said they were still subsidizing children between »

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Breastfeeding advice for a price or for free

A private company is marketing advice to nursing mothers for a fee, but a similar service is offered to Canadian mothers for free. In offering its fee-for-service plan, Medela says that in Canada, over 93,000 babies do not get the »