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Supreme Court landmark decisions on development-indigenous rights

It’s been a three-year battle for the mostly Inuit communities of Baffin Island, but today they’ve won their battle at the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court of Canada has cancelled plans for seismic oil and gas exploration» 

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New Supreme Court justice may come from the North

In choosing justices for the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian prime ministers have respected the custom of choosing jurists to represent all regions of the country. For the first time, the process will include Canada’s North. Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin» 

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Governments must learn from Khadr settlement: professor

While Canadians are still bitterly divided over the settlement made to former Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr, a professor says his and other cases show that when governments don’t obey the rule of law they must pay. A recent public opinion» 

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Top court to decide on beer barrier between provinces

While Canada is trying to negotiate free trade agreements with other countries, a case about a lack of free trade between provinces will be heard by the Supreme Court. A decision made by the Supreme Court 96 years ago is» 

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Canada history: Feb 6, 2015 Supreme Court historic ruling on assisted suicide

It was, and remains, a controversial fight, and decision. In a landmark and unamimous ruling on this date, February 6, 2015, Canada’s highest court released its decision on the issue of assisted suicide. The court did not decide that assisted» 

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Supreme Court to hear seismic exploration case in Arctic waters

A international consortium of companies has sought to perform seismic tests in oil and gas exploration in the waters off Baffin Island in northern Canada. Local residents are worried the loud blasts will scare off or even harm the marine» 

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First Newfoundlander named to Supreme Court

The prime minister has named Justice Malcolm Rowe to serve on the Supreme Court of Canada, assuring the Atlantic provinces of their traditional representation on the country’s highest court. He will be the first justice to be named from the» 

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Seismic ocean exploration, U.S. scientists and Canadian Inuit say no!

Controversy continues: ocean seismic tests and effects on marine life In 2011 a consortium of Norwegian oil companies applied for seismic exploration of the seabed off the coast of Canada’s Baffin Island. The cross-hatched area indicates zones to be extplored» 

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Assisted dying law not likely to pass in time

It now looks like the government’s attempt to push through legislation on doctor-assisted dying will fail to meet a June 6th deadline set by the Supreme Court of Canada. The proposed law has been called too restrictive by advocacy groups» 


Supreme Court strikes down tough on crime laws

Two tough-on-crime laws have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada. Section 12 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects citizens from cruel and unusual punishment. The two laws were among several punitive bills passed by the Conservative»