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COVID-19: Hospital surgeries facing massive backlog

With viral infection rates slowing, or in some cases leveling off, there is hope that we may have seen the peak of the virus. Except for emergencies, hospitals had shut down operating theatres and elective surgeries in order to devote »


Canada worst for leaving medical instruments inside patients.

It’s an alarming thought, but leaving sponges, clamps, needles, probes inside patients after surgery is a possibility, and a new study shows it happens all too often in Canada. A new report puts Canada in a bad light in this »

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Training brain surgeons with VR and AI

It’s a technology that is revolutionising surgical training. When a surgeon starts to work on you, you’d like them to be experienced. Typically though that comes with practice. Now as in the airline industry, that practice and dealing with unexpected »

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Millions die after surgery worldwide, say researchers

A new study suggests that 4.2 million people die each year in the 30 days after surgery making this the third leading cause of death around the world. Using available information, researchers found that this number of post-surgery deaths exceeds »

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Patches and the medical advances of 3D printing

Patches is a 9-year-old who had a massive problem, one that would likely have killed her eventually. The small dachshund had a large tumour on the skull. Approached by a colleague at Cornell University in the U.S., it was decided »

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Medical marvel: first face transplant in Canada

A man who suffered a serious accident while hunting was living with what was left of a badly disfigured face. A bullet had blown away much of his face in 2011. Several rebuilding surgeries over the years had helped but »

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A first in Canada for a new technique in surgical emergencies.

“A revolution in trauma care” A patient comes in to the hospital emergency room with serious internal bleeding in the abdomen or lower body, It may be from a gunshot, car accident, fight, or some other hemorrhaging incident but they »


Baby had surgery to remove caterpillar stuck in her mouth

Who knew we had poisonous caterpillars in Canada? I always thought one of the advantages, and reasons for putting up with life in the frozen north, was that it was too cold in winter for really scary creatures to survive. »

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Taking your meds: new technology and technique to help you remember

Doctors are constantly frustrated by patients who don’t take the full programme of medications prescribed. For one thing, with antibiotics it can lead to bacterial resistance, but in cases like transplants or grafts, it can be life threatening. A recent »

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Popular game show host recovering from brain surgery

Canadian Alex Trebek has been hosting an enormously popular game show in the U.S. since 1984 and says he will soon resume taping “very, very soon.” The 77-year-old host of “Jeopardy” posted a video on the show’s Facebook page to »