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Millions of dollars promised for more police camera surveillance

The premier of Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, announced millions of dollars for police to acquire more closed-circuit TV cameras. Premier Doug Ford announced a $6 million dollar grant programme available to regional police forces in the province over the »

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‘Smart City’ project for Toronto is abandoned

Smart city or surveillance city? It was to be a ‘city of the future’,- or at least a community of the future within the city of Toronto, but the question was always, ‘what kind of future’? While some saw it »

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Phone surveillance to comply with COVID-19 restrictions?

The idea for some might feel like edging another notch further to an Orwellian future. The idea that the police and/or security agencies would monitor your smart phone to ensure compliance with certain state requirements such as in this case, »

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The LINK Online Mar. 6,7,8, 2020

Your hosts Stephane Parent, Vincenzo Morello, Marc Montgomery (video of show at bottom) Facial recognition technology: privacy questions growing Several Canadian police forces have admitted to experimenting with facial recognition technology, but only after news investigations. Questions are arising about »

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Facial recognition technology; privacy questions growing

It has been revealed that facial recognition technology is being ‘tested’ by many police agencies in both Canada and the U.S. There are concerns that its use may contravene Canadian privacy laws, and who may be using it beyond police »

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Smart speakers and privacy: helpful, but gathering data on you as well

Smart speakers with their voice assistants are becoming more and more common, and many might find their way under a Christmas tree this year. But for all the assistance and helpful information they may provide, they could also be gathering »

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Big Brother or better security? Testing AI weapons detection in public

You’ll either think this is just another step towards Big Brother surveillance, or a good idea for safety. Toronto’s Pearson International airport is Canada’s largest airport complex which saw more than 49 million visitors last year. The airport authority has »

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“Smart” district battle in Toronto shows no signs of lessening

The idea by a Google subsidiary is to create a unique “smart” district in the heart of Toronto. The totally wired and integrated area has constantly raised concerns about data gathering by a multi-national, surveillance, and privacy issues. The company »

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Canada funds projects on climate threats to health

Saying climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century, the government of Canada announced an investment of $1.7 million over two years to improve the health of Canadians as it relates to a changing climate. »

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Technology and you in 2019

“Tech” is growing everywhere, from increasing presence of smart phones, laptops, and tablets, to autonomous vehicles, to “smart” appliances and houses, and even entire communities. But with all this technology, and information about your own activity and habits, what about »