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Press freedom in Canada…not as good as you think

The group Reporters Without Borders has released its annual estimates of press freedom in countries around the world It’s called the “World Press Freedom Index”. One might expect Canada to be near top of the list in terms of freedom »

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Russian military aircraft to fly over Canada “observing”

A Russian military jet is to stop at Canada’s major military air base in Trenton Ontario this week. It will then conduct a surveillance flight over Canada this weekend. It’s an annual event as various NATO countries and Russia allow »

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Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada

A new survey of some 129 writers and journalists in Canada showed many were concerned about government, police, and corporate surveillance of their work and habits. Many said that changed what they wrote and how they did research, in other »

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Judge slams spy agency for keeping data illegally

Federal Court Justice Simon Noel sharply criticized the domestic spy agency, CSIS, for illegally keeping electronic data on people even though they posed no security threat. Noel said the intelligence service was not truthful with judges who were called on »

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Leader says feds are not tracking journalists’ phones

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that reporters’ mobile phones are not being tracked at the federal level. He said he received assurances to that effect from the heads of the national police force, the RCMP, and the domestic spy »

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Police spying on journalists a ‘radical attack on free press’

The outrage over news that police in Quebec province have gathered information from several journalists’ cell phones has grown to the point that the provincial government has mandated a public inquiry. Speaking to an overflow audience of McGill students via »


Lawyers, media outraged that police spied on journalist

Police monitored the smartphone of a Montreal journalist in what his newspaper and media lawyers call a gross attack on freedom of the press. A police special investigations unit obtained at least 24 warrants from a justice of the peace »

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Surveillance billboard markets ‘Snowden’ film

In a clever marketing move, an ad agency set up a billboard and showed surveillance images on a busy Toronto street to illustrate the privacy issues raised in the new movie called “Snowden.” The film based on National Security Agency »

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Awareness campaign and challenge to Canadian “security” bill C-51

It’s known more commonly as “the anti-terrorism act” and was passed into law last year by the former Conservative government. Bill C-51’s official, long and complicated name is, “An Act to enact the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act and »

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National Day Of Action to stop Canada’s proposed anti-terrorism law, C-51

Demonstrations are planned in at least 56 communities across Canada on Saturday (March 14) to stop the Canadian government’s proposed anti-terrorism law, C-51. Organizers are concerned that the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015, Bill C-51, will dramatically widen the powers of Canadian »