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Canada wants thousands of blood samples for COVID survey

Thousands of Canadians are being somewhat surprised to find a strange package in the mail from a government agency asking for a blood sample. The official statistics gathering agency Statistics Canada as been mailing out some 48,000 blood testing ‘kits’ »


The physical effects of having COVID-19: Survey

With so much concern over the SARS-CoV2 virus spreading, a survey conducted by the firm Leger360 for the Canadian Press sought out those who actually tested positive for the virus and asked how it affected them.. Over the course of »

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Despite their concerns, most Canadians would get a COVID-19 vaccine

Eight in 10 Canadians would get the COVID-19 shot in the next three months if they were eligible for it, according to a survey conducted just as the first vaccines were rolled out in Canada. Only 53 per cent of »

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Canadians largely in favour of COVID lockdowns, survey

With COVID-19 case numbers rising across Canada, and even as vaccines were about to become available, a new survey shows Canadians largely in favour of lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus. This comes also as small many small »

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Attitude change: Survey shows more Canadians willing to take vaccine

Now that a vaccine has begun to be distributed, and first vaccinations are expected to begin as early as today, or tomorrow here in Canada, the latest survey shows a change in attitude. Previous national surveys of Canadian attitudes towards »

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COVID-19: Citizen support for provincial governments waning

In Canada the provincial governments have wide-ranging power and authority. In this time of the pandemic for example orders of lockdowns have come from each province separately, and  in addition to federal programmes, provinces have also instituted various funding programmes »

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Waiting for treatment: Health care in Canada taking longer

Canada prides itself on its universal health care system, but a new study shows that for health issues requiring a specialist and treatment, it means waiting, weeks, or more likely, months. The Fraser Institute, a non-partisan public policy think tank, »

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COVID, Canadians, charities and holiday giving

The SARS-Cov2 virus has radically changed lives and lifestyles around the world. In this holiday period, the concept of ‘giving’ has always been a significant aspect of the period. This includes in large part giving to charities. Recent surveys show »

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Trust in some Canadian leaders drops amid pandemic spike

Most of the premiers of Canada’s 10 provinces retain the trust of the majority of their populations, according to a recent survey, but trust for some is declining as rates of COVID-19 infection increase. Canada is a federation and it »


Canadians attitudes about China still declining

A new study confirms earlier studies in that Canadians have a poor opinion of China. The latest survey by Ekos Research Associates for the non-profit Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada shows that Canadians want the country to put more pressure on »