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Survey: Canadians more comfortable with activities if COVID-19 testing expanded

As the number of COVID-19 cases being reported rise across the country, and with the start of the new school year, expanding asymptomatic testing could put some Canadian minds at ease. According to an Abacus Data poll commissioned by the »

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Canadians donating less due to COVID and WE Charity scandal, survey

A new survey by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute seems to reinforce what charities have been saying: Canadians are giving less since the pandemic began. This is even as the need for various charitable services has increased during this time. »


Land border between Canada and the U.S. to remain closed until Oct. 21

The Canadian federal government is going to extend the closure of the Canada-U.S. land border for another 30 days, until at least Oct. 21, according to a report from CBC News. A source also told CBC News that Canadians should »

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One-in-five Canadians making little to no effort to stop COVID-19 spread: poll

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and with parts of Canada gearing up for the second coronavirus wave, public health messages like wearing masks and regularly washing hands are being ignored by nearly one-fifth of Canadians, according to a new »

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COVID-19: Canadian restrictions – not enough or too much?

As countries continue to react to the ongoing issue of the SARS CoV-2 virus, Canadians continue to have varied reaction to the several policies designed to limit the spread. A new poll by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows a »

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COVID-19 and your experience of 2020 so far

A survey released today has sought Canadian and American opinions on personal experiences in this most unusual year. The survey by the Leger polling firm asked several questions related to COVID including thoughts on whether this has been the worst »

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Survey: Canadians and Americans less willing to travel before COVID-19 vaccine

Many Canadians and Americans aren’t willing to travel and become tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic, before there is a vaccine according to a poll by Research Co., a Vancouver based polling firm. The survey found that less than a third »


Survey: Lack of infrastructure barrier to Canadians cycling more

Almost a third of Canadians, 31 per cent, said that they would be cycling more if the infrastructure was better, according to a survey from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) released on Tuesday. The survey, which polled 2,824 Canadians in »

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Canadians say their finances improving, but experts say situation fragile

New surveys this week have shown consumers are back to buying and the economy has picked up considerably this month, although still well below pre-COVID levels and even though quite a number of businesses have closed for good. The latest »

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Survey: Canadians not rushing to resume ‘normal’ activities

A new survey from the Leger Marketing firm for the non-profit Association for Canadian Studies shows some interesting attitudes related to COVID-19 Conducted in early July and released today, a survey shows Quebeckers most likely to return to giving handshakes »