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One in five homes in Canada bought by newcomers

A survey commissioned by a leading real estate company suggests that newcomers represent one in every five homebuyers in Canada. Royal LePage projects that if current trends hold true newcomers are expected to purchase 680,000 homes over the next five» 

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Political polls: What influence might they have on actual outcomes?

With Canada’s federal election this year, now only days away, pollsters have been busy for months canvassing Canadians from across he country surveying their opinions and voting intentions The media loves reporting on opinion polls, political parties love them and» 

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Canada housing: now condo prices are going up

The cost of housing has been listed in a recent national survey as a top concern for Canadians, and a major issue in the upcoming general election. The huge increase in house prices across the country has pushed a great» 


Liberals may not benefit as much from young voters in next election: poll

Young people voted in record numbers in Canada’s 2015 federal election helping the Liberal Party win over the incumbent Conservative Party. But the Liberals may not get the same level of support from young people in the coming October 2019» 

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Canadians: attitudes hardening against immigrants, refugees

The latest online survey of Canadian attitudes towards immigration seems to indicate a shift towards a less welcoming position. A poll commissioned by Canada’s publicly-owned broadcaster, CBC, showed that a clear majority (64%) said illegal immigration is becoming a serious» 


Romance at work mostly remains hidden: online survey

An online survey suggests that one in three respondents have been involved in a workplace relationship, 45 per cent of them kept it a secret from someone and 27 per cent hid it from everyone at work.   A majority of» 


Almost one-quarter of new moms reported mental health problems

Government statistics suggest that 23 per cent of new mothers in Canada experienced postpartum depression or an anxiety disorder in the five to 13 months after giving birth. The survey of over 7,000 women was conducted between November 29, 2018» 

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Canadians trust online news, but few are willing to pay: report

An international survey of 38 countries shows Canadians generally have a positive view of journalism and relatively high trust in the news media. The survey shows that 52 per cent trust “most news, most of the time” and that 60» 


Canadians unprepared to support aging parents: online survey

A large proportion of Canada’s population is getting old and an online survey suggests their children are not clear on the tools available to them to alleviate the financial burden of caring for them. Of those living with a parent,» 

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Eating healthy food: becoming too costly?

Canadians find it more difficult to choose healthy food options A recent survey has revealed that fully half of all Canadians say it’s becoming more difficult to buy healthy foods. About 40 per cent say that following the recent edition»