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Q&A: How the Int’l Inuit Business Association wants to transform the Arctic

As interest in the Arctic ramps up in the global community, Inuit business leaders from across the Arctic want to make sure northern communities have a seat at the table. Earlier this month, Inuit business representatives from Canada, Alaska and »


Inuit in Canada, Alaska and Greenland found international business association

A new alliance made up of Inuit business representatives from across North America has formed to create the International Inuit Business Association (IIBA). The IIBA’s founding meeting took place on Thursday and will represent Inuit businesses from across Alaska, Canada »

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Colonialism still present in Arctic, says premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories

REYKJAVIK, Iceland ­-  Despite improved relations between the federal government and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, northerners still get excluded from political decisions that impact their lands and livelihoods,  says Bob McLeod, premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories. “Colonialism is not entirely absent,” »

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Greenpeace report on sustainable development in Nunavut lacks substance: expert

A recent Greenpeace-commissioned report outlining a roadmap for sustainable development in Nunavut is a good first step but it still misses the point, says a Canadian expert on Arctic development. The report, entitled Beyond Fossil Fuels – Sustainable Economic Development Opportunities »

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Greenpeace report calls on Nunavut to shun resource development in favour of sustainable projects

Canada’s Arctic territory of Nunavut has an unprecedented opportunity for demonstrating to the world what sustainable development looks like in the post-fossil fuel era, says a new report commissioned by Greenpeace. The report, entitled Beyond Fossil Fuels – Sustainable Economic Development »

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UNESCO names 20 new biosphere sites, 2 in Canada

At a meeting in Lima Peru last week UNESCO named 20 new sites around the world as “biosphere reserves”. These are areas where sustainable development is taking place while also preserving much of the natural environment and decisions are taken »