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Seven refugee children die in a house fire

It is heartbreaking to learn that a house fire took the lives of seven children in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, but even sadder that they were refugees from Syria who came to Canada less than two years ago »

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Chocolate maker from Syria unveils bar with Indigenous word for peace

The “Peace by Chocolate” company founded by Syrian refugees in Canada has produced its first chocolate bar and has given it an Indigenous name for peace. Until now, the chocolates produced in the tiny eastern town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia »

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Syria: ‘Fresh levels of horror’ decried

There has been a 45 per cent increase in casualties across Syria since the creation of four “de-escalation zones,” says the aid agency Save the Children Canada. It is calling on Canada and other countries to press for an end »

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Aunt of drowned Syrian toddler writes book

Canadian Press reports that Tima Kurdi is writing a memoir entitled “The Boy on the Beach: A Syrian Family’s Story of Love, Loss, and Hope During the Global Refugee Crisis.” It is expected to be published by Simon & Schuster »

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Former refugee brings eye care to Syrian refugees

A series of one-day eye care clinics is bringing free eye care to Syrian refugees in the province of Ontario in a project initiated by a young medical student who was a refugee himself. Tarek Bin Yameen, formerly from Yemen, »

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Agencies set to help next wave of Syrian refugees

Canada is expecting six thousand Syrian refugees to arrive in the next few months and some support groups say they are better prepared to welcome them. So far, Canada has resettled 30,136. Chris Friesen of the Immigrant Services Society of »


Refugee Day: Canada did well but can improve, says analyst

Canada is proud to have welcomed 27,580 Syrian refugees between November 4, 2015 and February 29, 2016 but one analyst says this is no time for it to rest on its laurels. The United Nations has released staggering figures on this, World »

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Relatives in Canada search for missing Syrian child

They thought three-year-old Mira Akram Al Jawabrah had drowned in the Mediterranean Sea along with her parents and three younger siblings, but a photo has surfaced suggesting she survived the harrowing escape from Syria. But after 18 months of inquiries, »

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What about refugees not from Syria?

The Canadian Council for Refugees applauds the Canadian government’s efforts to resettle Syrian refugees but is concerned that resources are being shifted away from other refugees in just as much need. It’s estimated that 60 million people have been forcibly »

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Military to help speed Syrian refugee processing

Talks are underway with Canada’s military so it may help speed efforts to bring more Syrian refugees to Canada, reports Canadian Press (CP). The immigration minister says, extra staff will be sent overseas this month to help, as they did »