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Corporations pour billions more into tax havens

A citizens’ watchdog group says Canadian corporations have put at least $270 billion into tax havens over the past 15 years, most of it untaxed. Canadians for Tax Fairness used government statistics to determine that $40 billion flowed into the »

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62 people own half the world’s wealth: Oxfam

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and inequality is deepening, according Oxfam, an international agency that fights poverty and injustice. A new report indicates one percent of the world’s population owns as much wealth as »

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Tax havens – A human rights issue

Citizens in all countries are affected by tax havens and tax evasion and it impacts on human rights, says Canadian tax justice activist Dennis Howlett. He and a number of other individuals and organisations will be attending the International Tax Justice »

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Canada in Top 20 nations on Financial Secrecy Index

On the Financial Secrecy Index, Canada is the 17th most secretive country in the world according to the London-based coalition of researchers and activists the Tax Justice Network. The index was released Thursday (November 7) and shows a number of »

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Politics Today – June 30, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focused on Canada’s upper chamber, the Senate, and how and why it decided to stop the immediate passage of a union financial disclosure bill. He also talked about the G8 summit »

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G8 decisions, new Canadian rules, enough to deal with issue of tax havens?

Last week the G8 leaders dealt with the issue of tax havens at their summit in Northern Ireland. In their 10 point declaration, six dealt with the issue of tax evasion. Tuesday (June 25) the Canadian government publicized a relatively »

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$170 billion of Canadian money in 12 global tax havens

The citizen group Canadians for Tax Fairness has calculated that Canadian money in the top 12 global tax havens has now hit $170 billion. Three havens account for $109 billion of the Canadian money. Barbados leads with $59 billion, then »

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Canada’s Great Revenue Robbery?

The subtitle of the new book The Great Revenue Robbery is How to Stop the Tax Cuts Scam and Save Canada. It examines the belief held by some that governments waste money and cutting government and taxes will solve a »

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Tax havens, more questions, as some Canadians disclose holdings

The issue of tax havens continues to make media headlines in Canada, and fuel opposition party questions and ministerial pronouncements. On Monday, Canada’s National Revenue Minister Gail Shea released a press release that ‘highlights the Harper Government’s efforts at cracking »

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Input from revenue minister blocked by govt MPs in finance committee

Canada’s National Revenue Minister Gail Shea will not have to explain her department’s spending priorities at a House of Commons finance committee meeting on tax havens because government MPs struck down a request from the Official Opposition NDP. The NDP »