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‘Carbon leakage’: industrial avoidance of carbon tax

Canada has instituted a carbon tax in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, a new study show there may well be unintended and less desirable consequences. Carlos Murillo prepared a study of these concerns. He is the senior »

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Netflix not taxed by Canadian government

The Canadian government lost an estimated $169 million from streaming companies in 2017 because it did not tax them, according to a report from the auditor general. Other analysts estimate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue could have »


National police warn about fraudulent phone calls

Canada’s national police force, the RCMP,  issued a warning about fraudulent telephone calls demanding money which appear to be from it. The callers pretend to be police officers and tell victims they owe a large amount of money in taxes »


Canadian Taxpayers Federation:The year-end financial naughty and nice list

It’s an annual assessment of what the government and other public agencies do with Canadian’s tax money. The non-profit taxpayer advocacy group, Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has just released this year’s assessment of what is being done with taxes. The »

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Canada can’t collect on billion dollar loan to Chrysler

Largest ever write-off of a loan In 2009, the North-American auto industry was in dire straights. Chrysler was planning to shut down its Canadian operation with thousands of jobs of workers and suppliers. The federal government offered $1.1 U.S billion »

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Canada’s tax system: favouring the rich?

Everyone grumbles about paying taxes. A lot of people feel they pay too much, while the rich can avoid paying their fair share.  But what if the people who audit your taxes said the same thing? That’s just what happened »

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E-Commerce: To Tax, or (if elections loom), not to tax

To Tax (or if elections loom) or not to tax A policy paper by a House of Commons Committee has recommended, amongst other things, a tax on E-Commerce services. The idea is an effort to level the e-commerce field for »


Print media ask legislators for love and help

Representatives of the print media met with members of Parliament yesterday to renew their call for urgent action to halt rampant closures and job losses. It being Valentine’s Day, they declared a day of love for news and presented the »

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Using tax havens is morally wrong, think most Canadians: survey

A recent survey suggests 90 per cent of Canadians believe it is morally wrong for large corporations to avoid paying taxes by using off-shore tax havens, even though the practice is legal. Information from the massive Paradise Papers leak and »


Opposition calls on finance minister to resign

The leader of Canada’s official opposition Conservative Party, Andre Scheer has called on Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign. And if he won’t resign, Scheer says the prime minister should remove him. This is the culmination of weeks of controversy »