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Party leaders debate climate, deficits, secularism and relations with China

The leaders of Canada’s six major political parties faced off in the final debate of the 2019 federal election Thursday evening as they jostled to improve their position entering the final lap of the campaign. Thursday’s debate was the second» 

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New poll shows why affordability is an issue

The issue of “affordability” has become a major issue in the first week of Canada’s national election campaign. A new survey taken just after the election was officially announced this month shows that almost 40 per cent of Canadians say» 

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Millionaires on the move

In the financial world they’re known as HNWI’s or “high net worth individuals, but we know them as millionaires (or billionaires). Latest reports say about 108,000 millionaires moved last year from one country to another. That’s a substantial increase of» 


Canadian bureaucrat rewriting communications history?

Bureaucrat calls Bell’s invention of telephone into question. It’s a tax dispute that has involved Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. In fact it brings up a bureaucrat’s personal doubts about Bell’s reputation as the inventor of the telephone.» 

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Canada ill-prepared for aging population

Although most won’t know it, Oct. 1 is “National Seniors Day” in Canada. Not a holiday, it is however a day declared by the federal government as a time to appreciate and celebrate seniors, generally considered age 65 and above.» 

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Guess who’s paying more taxes

If you’re Canadian, and in the middle class, and feel like you have less and less spending money (disposable income) you’re probably right. A new report out by the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute says the majority what is termed the Canadian» 

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Canada history, July 25: 100 years of “temporary” tax

 July 25, 1917. The First World War was at its height, having dragged on for three years grinding up lives, resources, and money. On July 25, the federal government announced a “War Income Tax” to help replenish the drained federal» 

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The LINK Online, Sat. Sept. 3, 2016

Your hosts, Terry, Lynn, Marc A Canadian soldier meets a young Eritrean during a familiarization patrol north of the Temporary Security Zone, as part of Operation Eclipse, Canada’s contribution to United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea, 2001. Peacekeeping now» 

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Arctic Profile: Running Tromso – the successes and the challenges

Arctic Profiles is an occasional Eye on the Arctic series where we check in with different Arctic regions to take the temperature of the current political, business or social climate. In this instalment, we’ve turned our attention to the Arctic» 

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Sugar drink tax: OK, but perhaps not the best way to reduce obesity, diabetes

This week, the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) has called on the Canadian government to levy a tax on soft drinks. The Association says the high sugar content contributes to obesity and to the ever–increasing rate of diabetes. Sylvain Charlebois is»