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The 2019 “best” (worst) of government waste awards announced

Where hard-earned taxpayer dollars go to disappear They’re called “The Teddy Awards” named after a former government bureaucrat , Ted Weatherhill, who was eventually fired after charging taxpayers vast sums for food and drink expenses over several years. The awards »


Canadian Taxpayers Federation:The year-end financial naughty and nice list

It’s an annual assessment of what the government and other public agencies do with Canadian’s tax money. The non-profit taxpayer advocacy group, Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has just released this year’s assessment of what is being done with taxes. The »

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U.N. Security Council seat.. at what cost to taxpayers?

If you were to ask, most people would be unaware of what the United Nations Security Council does Canada is vying for a non-permanent seat in 2021, but to get there, a great deal of taxpayers money is being spent. »

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Bombardier execs get big bonuses amid massive layoffs

As members of Canada’s middle class get increasingly annoyed with costs going up and salaries not keeping pace, they learned today that executives at Canadian airplane maker Bombardier got multi-million dollar bonuses last year. As Canadian Press reports, the jump »


Canada’s Senate: renewed controversy over spending

Auditor General’s investigation criticizes improper claims, lack of oversight The Canadian Senate- the so-called Chamber of sober second-thought- is going through a dark period. Wracked by ongoing spending scandals and legal cases, the senate has come under fire again, this »