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Group calls on Ontario government to provide free menstrual products in schools

An open letter to Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce has called on the province and all 72 school boards to offer free and accessible menstruation products in publicly funded Ontario elementary and secondary schools. The open letter, which was sent »

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Teachers call Quebec pandemic decision making ‘reckless’

As high school students returned to class in the province of Quebec, teachers at a Montreal-area high school wore black to protest what they call the government’s “reckless abandonment of science-based decision making” during this pandemic. The province of Quebec »


Medical experts in Ontario release guidelines for reopening schools

A group of experts led by SickKids, a hospital for sick children in Toronto, have developed and released a set of guidelines for reopening of schools in Ontario this September amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines, which were released in »

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Teachers’ strike shuts down schools in Ontario

Over two million Ontario students missed class Friday as a strike by the province’s four largest education unions shut down the public education system in Canada’s most populous province. Members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Ontario Secondary »

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Schoolteachers suffer rapidly increasing violence

It’s getting harder to be a schoolteacher in Canada, and less safe even for school educators of very young students in elementary school. A new study on the issue of violence against elementary school teachers in Canada’s most populous province, »

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Canadian schools: Report on violence against teachers

“(The teachers) are in the line of fire daily and this does not bode well if we continue the same path we’re on” M Ramsankar Schools aren’t what they used to be even as little as ten years ago. That’s »

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Labour dispute shuts down Nova Scotia schools

Thousands of parents in Nova Scotia are scrambling to find alternative arrangements for their school-aged children today as a labour dispute between the provincial government and the provincial teachers’ union has shut down all public schools in the Maritime province. »

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Teachers lose right to negotiate class size

Teachers in the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) have lost the right to negotiate class size and composition in contract bargaining with the provincial government. The province’s Court of Appeal ruled that a decision by the government to take »

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University teachers’ fair employment campaign: ‘A professor is a professor’

Citing an increasing tendency of Canadian universities to hire part-time poorly-paid teaching staff, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) is calling on students and parents to make their voices heard as part of the association’s Fair Employment Week, October »

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Thousands of public school teachers start strike in province of British Columbia

There are no face-to-face bargaining sessions scheduled anytime soon between leaders of the teachers’ union in the province of British Columbia and government negotiators, after the province’s 41,000 public school teachers began their first day of a full-scale strike Tuesday »