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National teacher survey reveals deep concerns related to COVID-19

Almost 18.000 public school teachers across all of Canada responded to a survey in both official languages (English/French)  by the Canadian Teachers Federation, and the responses indicated serious worries about education of young people both during the pandemic and the »


What are the chances? Canadian math teacher rolls dice, wins big U.S prize.

It is an innovative way of teaching ‘probability’ to young math students. So innovative that teacher Nat Banting in Saskatoon became the first Canadian to win the $25,000  Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching, from the National »

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School teacher shortage in Canada

This is the month when literally millions of students head back to schools across Canada after the summer holidays. Other than universities, in many locations however there are elementary and high-school teacher shortages. Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Nunavut Territory »

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She won! Canadian named “global teacher”

After being selected as a finalist from an initial 20,000 nominees, she made it to the long list of 50 candidates. Maggie MacDonnell then was flown to Dubai to join the 9 other finalists where she selected as the winner »


Call for return to basics in arithmetic teaching

It seems that all the “new improved” math teaching methods tried over the years, are not so improved after all Many students are entering university not even knowing where they are on a world map. Many other colleges and universities »