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Quebec company partners with Dell to expand reach of immersive learning spaces

Quebec based company Lü Interactive Playground announced yesterday that it is partnering with Dell Technologies to begin implementing interactive and immersive learning to schools around the world. Using giant projectors, sounds systems and 3D cameras, Lü Interactive Playground is able »

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USB wall chargers subject to recall in Canada

Health Canada has warned Canadians to pay attention when buying USB wall chargers. Several of them are being subject to a recall after a test by Health Canada revealed that some of them can cause burns, shocks or be a »

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Canadian company releases guide on teaching basics of artificial intelligence

A Canadian science and technology company named Actua has released an AI Education Handbook that guides teachers on how to teach the basics of artificial intelligence to elementary and high school students. “AI is an emerging technology that will be »

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Canada joins U.S.-led efforts to break free of China’s rare minerals chokehold

Canada has joined a U.S.-led international effort to reduce global reliance on China’s supply of minerals that are essential for the high-tech industry to produce everything from lithium batteries for electric cars, to smartphones and computers, wind turbines and fighter »


The Arctic railway: Building a future or destroying a culture?

INARI, Finland – Jussa Seurujarvi, a 23-year-old Indigenous Saami reindeer herder, still remembers the relief he felt when the proposed Arctic railway, a massive infrastructure project that would have stretched across northern Finland into Norway, was nixed by a report »

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Study outlines plan to develop clean hydrogen supply network in B.C.

For many, hydrogen cars are the future. But how far are we from seeing them on Canadian roads? This is a question that researchers at the University of British Columbia have begun to answer by developing a hydrogen supply chain »

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Canadian students win international solar competition

Universities are a source of great innovation and ideas. With concern about the environment, alternatives to fossil fuel power are always being sought, solar power among them and Canadian universities are actively working on solutions, including in the transport sector. »

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Canada largest drug store chain to use blockchain technology to trace medicinal cannabis

Canada’s largest pharmacy chain announced its plans on Monday to use blockchain technology to trace the source of the medicinal cannabis it distributes. Shoppers Drug Mart with about 1,300 pharmacies across Canada is partnering with TruTrace Technologies Inc. on a »


Technology can help people get more active

Technology has lured Canadians into spending more time sitting in front of screens, but it can also offer great tools to help people become more active. There are wearables that can be used to set goals and measure activity, apps »

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Consumer group demystifies vehicle automation

Many Canadians are concerned and are unfamiliar with new technologies being added to vehicles, according to a new survey. The consumer group, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) commissioned the study and decided to help Canadians better understand the emerging technologies. »