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Drowned boy’s family will sue

The parents and uncle of a Montreal teenager who drowned during a high school gym class say they will sue the school board and the city. Blessing Moukoko, 14, was taking part in his third swimming class in February 2018.» 


Drinks high in alcohol and sugar restricted, not banned

Friends of a teenager who recently died asked the government of Quebec to ban a drink that may have played a role in her demise. Athena Gervais, 14, was found dead on March 1, 2018 in a stream behind her» 

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Canadian pro-Daesh teenager sentenced

A teenager in Brandon Manitoba has been sentenced to time served and two years probation for online counseling of terrorism. The teen’s name can’t be mentioned as he was 16-years-old at the time and so considered a minor. He was» 

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Rehab too costly, teen dies of suspected overdose

Canada may be a wealthy country, but the waits are often long for those seeking public services to cope with addictions. This is at the heart of the story about 16-year-old Gwynevere Staddon who was found dead Sunday evening in» 

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Youth suicide spreads further than previously thought

Suicide has long been thought to be contagious among youth and now a new study reveals who is affected and for how long. Those who have heard about a suicide at school are more likely to think about or try»