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Screen time more than doubled for the very young: study

A new study suggests that by 2014, children under two were spending more than double the screen time they did in 1997. This comes at a time the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends no screen time for this age group. “That’s» 

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History: Television begins in Canada, Sept.06, 1952

The new technology of television had been amazing visitors to the annual Canadian Nation Exhibition in Toronto since before the Second World War. Indeed there had been some brief experiments in actual broadcast television as far back as 1932 based» 

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Major shakeup in Canadian TV

An announcement by Canada’s largest private TV network, CTV, caught Canadians by complete surprise today. ‘Canada AM’, the longest running TV morning show in the country, also known as a breakfast show in some countries, is ending after 43 years.» 

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More Canadians cutting cable

Canadians are getting rid of their cable television in record numbers, reports Canadian Press (CP). A report by the Convergence Consulting Group says 190,000 people dropped the service in 2015. That’s 80 per cent more than did in the previous» 

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Cable and TV clients get a new place to complain

Canada’s telecom watchdog is expanding its mandate to include complaints about television services such as cable and satellite. And it’s likely to get a lot of business. Cable bundles infuriate customers Canadians have long been annoyed that cable companies oblige» 

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Canadian Screen Awards, film and television nominees for 2015

Nominees for this year’s film and television awards were announced Tuesday (January 13) by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television in a morning press conference in Toronto. “It’s an exciting year in Canadian film and TV and digital. I love» 

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Quebec television personality Suzanne Lapointe dies at 80

Quebec has lost one of its most well-known and beloved television host. Suzanne Lapointe passed away Friday morning at the age of 80, after a battle with cancer.  Also suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she had retreated from public life some» 

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Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal’s museum of moving images, 50 yrs old

For more than a generation, the Cinémathèque québécoise has been a special place to gather and appreciate film. This year Montreal’s museum of moving images is celebrating 50 years of existence. Founded on April 18, 1963, the Cinémathèque has not only»