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ISIS terrorist claims he’s Canadian

A man who is now believed to be the masked man featured in several threatening and horrific ISIS propaganda videos, says he comes from Canada. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed was captured by Kurdish forces during a gun battle in Syria against» 

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Extremists release new video of Canadian-American hostages

Islamist extremists have released another video of a captive Canadian-American family who have been held since 2012. American Caitlan Coleman who was pregnant at the time, and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle were on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan when» 

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Canadian peacekeepers to Mali: deadly possibility

After the previous Conservative government scaled back Canada’s peacekeeping missions,  the current Liberal government subsequently announced a new commitment to international peacekeeping. In addition to contributing millions of dollars to UN peacekeeping, the announcement indicated Canada would commit some 600» 

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Paris attacks and Canada’s plan to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees

With countries in Europe accepting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and other migrants, Canada has been slow to get involved. Under the previous government, some 10,000 refugees were to be taken in, but only after careful screening. Elected only» 

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Migrant flood, possible security threat?

A human tide of migrants is moving from Syria and other conflict areas in the middle-east towards western Europe.  Many observers have noted that a majority among them are males aged 15 to 40, a group most often associated with» 

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History: July 25th 2006 ”My God they’ve killed Wolf!

“Wolf” was Canadian Forces Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener. On July 25th, 2006 the 44-year-old Canadian soldier and three other peacekeepers from Austria, China, and Finland, were in an underground bunker as bombs and shells rained down on their UN observer» 

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History: June 23, 1985: Canada’s worst terrorist air tragedy

On June 23 1985, hundreds of happy passengers boarded a flight in Canada destined for India. The Air India 747 designated as Flight 182 left Toronto with a stop in Montreal for more passengers before heading across the Atlantic to» 

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Oct 17: Anniversary of a terrorist assassination in Canada

Canada is perceived to be, and generally is,  a very peaceful place to live. However,  for a period in the 1960’s to the 1970’s, it was a scary place in the mostly Francophone province of Quebec, and especially in the»