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COVID-19: After recovery a positive test may not mean one is still infectious

People who have recovered from the SARS-CoV2 virus but who test positive weeks later are not infectious according to a study from S. Korea. The information comes from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which studied 285 Covid-19 survivors. »


COVID-19 roundup: Finns not too mentally affected by virus; Svalbard opens up

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a smaller impact on the psychological health of the population than expected, according to findings from the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). Tourism to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard from Norway will be »

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Canadian chemists develop artificial ‘tongue’ of gold to taste maple syrup

Researchers at Université de Montréal have developed a new test using gold nanoparticles to quickly determine the flavour of maple syrup and help producers evaluate the quality of this iconic Canadian product often referred to as Quebec’s liquid gold. While »


COVID-19 roundup: Norway’s reopening continues; census restarts in Alaska

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg said the population’s cooperation helped contain COVID-19 and has well-positioned the country to continue reopening of the economy. The U.S. Census Bureau says it will begin a phased-in re-start of its field operations in Alaska, »


COVID-19: Northern Siberia residents flout lockdown; antibody testing in Sweden

“Calculate how many people you’ve had contact with over the past five days. Are you ready to forgive yourself if one of them does not survive a coronavirus infection? Was the reason you left home really worth it?” With COVID-19 »


Canada to invest $1.1B in COVID-19 research and testing, says Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday $1.1 billion in new funding for a national medical and research strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic that has already claimed over 2,000 lives in Canada and infected more than 41,000 Canadians. Speaking at »

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The importance of the genetic non-discrimination act

Protecting your right to your genetic information In 2017 Canada passed the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, to protect people from being discriminated against over revelations of their genetic information from lab testing and any possible anomalies or mutations. Such discrimination could be »


Canadian Liver Foundation calls for increased hepatitis C testing

Over 100,000 people in Canada may be living with undiagnosed hepatitis C, a curable but deadly disease if left untreated, says the Canadian Liver Foundation. Chronic hepatitis C can severely damage the liver and leads to increases in fatal but totally »