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Graphic exhibit warns against texting and driving

Cars have been crumpled to replicate the effects of three accidents caused by texting and driving. They have been put on display near Montreal’s city Hall from April 15 to 18, 2019 to try to stop people from using their »

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Crisis text line offers help to stressed students

University of Guelph students in the province of Ontario now have a new way to access mental health support through a 24-hour texting service. Increased reports of depression, anxiety among students A survey of students conducted in Ontario in 2016 »


Deaths from distracted driving increase again

Police warn distracted driving is the top cause of road deaths in the province of Ontario and the toll has increased for the fifth consecutive year. Many schools, colleges and universities in Canada close for a week in March, and »


Government plans to prioritize distracted driving

Federal transport Minister Marc Garneau says he plans to make it a priority to talk to his provincial counterparts soon about distracted driving, reports Canadian Press. Garneau says he is concerned about increasing incidents caused by drivers using cellphones or »


Police ride buses to catch distracted drivers

Distracted drivers are causing so many more accidents that police are looking for new ways to catch them, reports CBC. People tend to hold their cellphones in their laps in hopes of not being caught and having to pay fines »


Poetic justice? Texter crashes into cop, gets ticket

It’s not the first case of irony involving texting while driving, but it does make one wonder about people’s judgement. A woman who had been texting a friend rear-ended a police car, and then continued to text and sent the »


When safety campaigns don’t work, reality strikes!

It started with a public safety awareness campaign, and ended with a bang…..and with a tweet from the Quebec provincially-run auto licensing and insuring agency, the Societe d”Assurance Automobile Quebec. (SAAQ) It read “Cette conductrice qui a embouti l’arrière de »

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Now “51″ ways to leave your lover”

With apologies to singer Paul Simon, and his song 50 ways to leave you lover, there is now an additional way to end a relationship, targetting roughly the 18 to 35 year old crowd. It’s something that could only happen »

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“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…”

That’s an infamous line from the 1967 movie, “Cool Hand Luke”.  Written before the advent of modern smart phones, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, many employers now feel that this is becoming a serious issue among young generations »