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Study finds life-threatening numbers of ticks on moose

Moose are an iconic animal of Canadian (and northern U.S) forests and they are big, with the males weighing 500 kg or more and growing huge impressive antlers. But they are being threatened by something tiny. It’s a parasite known »

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Canadian wilderness: tiny ticks, big health concern

We’re in the middle of a Canadian summer, and people are enjoying the best of what Canada’s vast natural beauty can offer, camping and hiking trails. But a tiny biting insect is spreading across all parts of Canada, and it »

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Use insect repellents safely, advises Health Canada

Pity the long-suffering Canadian who, having made it through the long, cold winter and only starting to enjoy the warmer weather, has just received a grim reminder about the fast-approaching bug season. The Canadian government’s health department has just issued »

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Use caution when treating pests on pets, urge health officials

At this time of year, Canadians and their pets spend more time outdoors and the government health agency notes that animals can bring home unwanted pests like fleas and ticks. Health Canada warns that this can be more than a »

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Moose decline in North America

Several jurisdictions in Canada are handing out fewer licences to hunt moose this year due to a significant decline in numbers. In south-central Ontario near Alqonquin Park, aerial surveys conducted earlier this year to estimate the number of moose show »

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Warm weather means more ticks, disease potential

When people and their pets venture out much more frequently in the warm months, medical officials are advising to be wary of ticks. The tick nymphs tend to emerge in early to late spring. With climate change, more species of »

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Moose populations down, parasites a factor

The huge, majestic moose, is one of Canada’s iconic animals. However outside of the island province of Newfoundland, Canada’s moose are in trouble, but not from hunters. The autumn moose hunting season has begun across much of Canada, but in »