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Tim Hortons mobile app under investigation by Canada’s privacy commissioner

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC), Canada’s privacy agency, announced today that they are investigating the Tim Hortons mobile application after media reports raised concerns about how the app may be collecting and using data about people’s movements and »


McDonald’s ends Beyond Meat trial run

McDonald’s is no longer offering its plant-based burger after a six month trial. Last year, the fast food chain had partnered with Beyond Meat to launch a 12 week trial of the P.L.T.  (plant, lettuce, tomato) in select restaurants in »


Tim Hortons going all digital for Roll Up the Rim due to health concerns

The coffee chain, Tim Hortons will not be offering paper Roll Up the Rim cups for its iconic contest due to the “current public health environment,” according to a press release from the company. The company said that they made »


Wendy’s Canada offers plant based burger alternative

Following the trend of fast food chains offering meat alternatives, Wendy’s Canada announced yesterday  that they are offering a plant based burger, called the Plantiful.  After testing the Plantiful at selected locations in the greater Toronto area last fall, Wendy’s »

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Tim Hortons going green for Roll Up the Rim

The coffee chain, Tim Hortons, is making changes to its famous Roll Up the Rim contest, to allow for paper, digital and sustainable play according to a press release sent out by the company.  This year the contest, which lasts »

The Shanghai location of Canadian-founded Tim Hortons will offer new products, including a maple-flavoured macchiato. (Tim Hortons)

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China-Canada diplomatic spat doesn’t stop these Tim’s fans

Classic Canadian fast food outlet opens in Shanghai Although it has only been around since 1964, the Tim Horton’s coffee, doughnut, and fast food chain is considered by Canadians as “their” fast food chain even though it’s now controlled through »

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‘Hey Joey. Want to go for a coffee bar?’

Well, it stands to reason it would happen. In the age when people spend a lot of time looking at their smart phones, moments that might contain a tad of reflection, a touch of quiet  and/or an intimate smile with »

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Canada’s Tim Hortons to expand to China

Canada’s iconic coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons said on Wednesday it plans to open 1,500 outlets in China over the next decade, hoping to capitalize on the country’s vibrant economy and a growing cafe culture. To establish a foothold in »

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David vs Goliath: anger grows over business vs low wage employees

Ontario minimum wage increase: Protests grow over business cutting employee benefits Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has raised the minimum wage paid to workers to $14/hour as of January 1, an increase of $2.40 over the previous minimum hourly wage »

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Moose amble through popular drive-thru

Tim Hortons drive-thrus are very popular with Canadians and also, it seems, with trio of eastern moose, reports CBC. With about 120,000 of these animals, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has the most concentrated moose population in North America. Timmy’s »