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How many days of your life are you losing stuck in traffic?

A new study by TomTom has ranked 416 major cities in 59 countries around the world by the amount of time spent stuck in traffic jams. TomTom is Dutch multinational developer & creator of location technology and consumer electronics such »

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Canada history: Nov 5, 1939, the national time signal begins

It was on this day that Canada’s longest running, and shortest radio broadcast began. It’s the official time signal from the National Research Council (NRC) broadcast on the public radio network ever since, with other networks sometime joining in. The »

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Behaviour problems for pre-schoolers from screen time: study

Whether it’s from tv screens, video screens, computers, laptops, tablets, or phones, a new study suggests pre-schoolers behaviour is negatively affected when they spend a few hours in front of these devices. Sukhpreet Tamana (PhD) is the lead author of »

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Some medical wait times ‘egregiously bad’: doctor

Canadians have the benefit of free medical care but sometimes they have to wait a long time to get it. “If you have an emergency problem, there’s probably no better place in the world to be than Canada,” says Dr. »