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Major trade deal, TPP- not quite dead

US President-elect Donald Trump has loudly denounced international trade deals and said the US would not be signing the 12-nation Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Many thought that with that announcement the deal would be dead. But several nations have said» 

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International trade and President-elect Trump

During his campaign U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly said he would either scrap or renegotiate international trade deals. This includes deals like the long-standing North American Free Trade Agreement among Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership» 

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TISA- commodifying public services?

Governments in many industrialized nations are negotiating a number of international deals, but one of them currently being negotiated by 23 nations including Canada is being kept very secretive.    It’s called the Trade in Services Agreement, or TISA Scott»