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Birth of pygmy hippo at Toronto Zoo bolsters species survival efforts

On August 10, 2018, 12-year-old Kindia gave birth to her first baby, a 5.48- kilogram female pygmy hippo at the Toronto Zoo. The baby is nursing regularly and has already put on 3.2 kilograms. “This is a first-time mom raising »

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Humans and animals finally finding more and more common ground

It’s been a long, tough slog for animal lovers. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that a movement–at least in the Western World–that holds that the shabby treatment of animals must end is gaining ground. Probably not as fast was many »

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Toronto Zoo’s panda babies up for award

The first giant panda cubs born in Canada have been nominated for a 2015 Panda Cub of the Year, reports CBC News. The twins turned 100 days old on January 20th. They were born to Er Shun, one of two »

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Panda babies in Toronto! It’s a boy, and a girl, or two boys or two girls

There is huge excitement at the Toronto Zoo this week, as two new members came into the world. The zoo’s female giant panda Er Shun, gave birth to twins in the early hours Tuesday and staff happily reported her maternal »

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New plant at Toronto Zoo will use animal poop and garbage to generate electricity

Rhinos, pandas and many other animals from the Toronto Zoo will soon be contributing in their own special way to Ontario’s power supply. A new biogas plant to be built on zoo grounds in 2014 will combine 3,000 tonnes of »

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Not all Canadians ‘fascinated with pandas’, CBC readers say

They were greeted with much fanfare on their arrival in Toronto on Monday, but not everybody is pleased with the two giant Chinese pandas loaned to Canada for the next ten years. CBC readers sent dozens and dozens of comments »