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Last Chance Tourism

See the glaciers before they’re gone, watch the whales or gorillas, or elephants before they are no more, see the Great Barrier Reef before it dies off, visit the Amazon before development eliminates the jungle; This type of thing is» 

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Ooops, fierce reaction to Parks Canada fence.

Here today, gone tomorrow (sort of) Signal Hill is an iconic and historic location in St John’s Newfoundland and as such draws a lot of traffic on the road up the hill. Part way up is a visitor centre and» 


Hybrid Norwegian cruise ship to sail through the Northwest Passage

A Norwegian cruise ship named after one of the country’s most famous polar explorers, Roald Amundsen, who became the first European to sail through the Northwest Passage, is set to become the first hybrid vessel to sail through the famed» 

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Double the icebergs seen off Canada’s east coast

Icebergs floating down the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador have become a big tourist attraction and this is a banner year. CBC reports the number of icebergs has doubled what’s usual and wind patterns are driving them closer to the» 

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Wildlife tourism explodes, fuels animal abuse: magazine

Posting photographs with animals on social media has helped drive a dramatic increase in wildlife tourism, but National Geographic says that has lead to some extreme animal suffering. “You’ll go to a place maybe for a couple of hours, maybe» 


Record number of tourists visit Canada in 2018

A record 21.3 million travellers came to Canada in 2018, reports Destination Canada, a national marketing organization. The tourism sector accounts for 745,300 jobs and contributes an estimated $102.5 billion dollars. Many travellers come from the United States, but this» 

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Canada’s tourism minister cancels trip to China amid rising tensions

Canada’s tourism minister has cancelled a trip to China at the last minute amid growing tensions between the two countries. Melanie Joly’s office confirmed to Radio Canada International that China and Canada “mutually agreed” to postpone her planned trip that» 

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Ottawa offers workshops on how to attract more Chinese tourists

The federal government is setting up a series of workshops for Canadian businesses working in tourism and hospitality sector to help them attract more Chinese tourists, officials announced Friday. Ottawa in collaboration with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC)» 

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Tourists urged to avoid harm to animals

Riding elephants, swimming with dolphins and taking selfies with wild animals are tourist activities that cause harm to animals, says the advocacy group World Animal Protection. The group says people, especially those under age 35 are becoming increasingly aware of» 

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Arctic waters: more concerns from shipping, tourism

It’s called “grey water”. It’s not sewage, but its certainly not clean either. It’s the dirty water resulting from clothes washing, dish washing, showers and sinks. This waste water includes soaps, nutrients, and microplastics. The World Wildlife Federation-Canada has raised»